Thursday, October 18, 2012

At the Airport...

I'm sitting here at my gate in Copenhagen, waiting for my connecting flight to Brussels to get here, while creepily listening to French people have a conversation that I'm desperately trying to understand... I really miss French, it's so much prettier than Danish... I have to go to France ASAP. Technically I will get to say I've been to Belgium...and to confirm that I will definitely be purchasing a Belgian waffle at the airport...and probably some chocolate. After an hour in Belgium, it's off to PRAGUE!!!

I have been planning this 10-day trip around Eastern Europe since this past summer when I created my Excel spreadsheet of "Things To Do in Europe" (categorized by country **NERD**)... but I have been dreaming of going to Prague and Budapest long before that. My infatuation with the Carpathian mountain area of Europe really set in when I read Bram Stoker's Dracula. No I didn't read it because of my Twilight-phase...which I admit I went through...and no I don't want to talk about it... For about the first 100 pages, Stoker describes the landscape of Eastern Europe. He made every detail come to life and he created a mysterious and enchanted world of dark beauty. His literary language is probably why it's one of my favorite books.

I can't wait until I see those mountains as a travel by train from Prague to Budapest...

...and then back closer towards modern civilization to Vienna, with a short journey through the Julian Alps to Ljubljana, Slovenia (a country that's a combination of all the best parts of the Alps, the Balkans, and Italy).

No pictures in this blog post, but get ready for updates after every city because I brought my computer!!! 

Time to get on the plane!

Hej hej,

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  1. oh man i cant wait to be with you and do it all over again. Soon we will be!!!


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