Friday, November 9, 2012

Vienna Waits for You...

I've had this Billy Joel song suck in my head for weeks...

First of all, a day and a half in Vienna was definitely not enough time to enjoy and explore this wonderful city. I did not expect to fall in love with Vienna, which is probably why I only planned to be there one full day, and this is one of my biggest regrets of the trip. The music, the food, the architecture, the culture...everything about Austria enthralls me.

1. Eat at Zwolf Apostelkeller- It's an underground restaurant in a cellar built in the 12th century. Traditional Viennese food and a live violinist playing through your meal? This place is everything Vienna.

Lainey being serenaded, so sweet :)

2. Schoenbrunn Palace- Outside of Versailles, if there is any palace worth visiting in Europe, this is it. Marie Antoinette grew up here and it's bright yellow (my favorite color), nuff said. I've never seen anything so beautiful. I think in a past life, this was my home.

Fall in Vienna is gorgeous.

The. View. Oh. My. Lord.

3. Schnitzel and The Original Sacher Torte- Two Viennese staples. Fried meat and chocolate cake...need I say more? Make sure you go to the Sacher Hotel so you can try the original!

I'm not usually a huge fan of cake (brownies and pies are more my thing), but this one is to die for.

4. Ride the Oldest Ferris Wheel in the WORLD- Give in to your inner child. Vienna is the perfect place to be a kid again: chocolate, castles, and amusement parks? Yes please.

So embarrassingly excited for this.

Beautiful Autumn sunset

Up we go!

Me and Mozart (lolz)

5. Go to the Vienna Opera House- If you get to the opera a couple hours before showtime, you can get in line for "Standing Room Only" tickets. For 4 euro, you can get the BEST seats for either an opera or ballet. Just getting to go inside the opera house is worth it!

Outside the opera house. It's huge. Every building in Vienna is grand.


The show is about to begin!

Yes. The dancers are dressed up as butterflies. The funniest and most entertaining ballet I've ever seen!

I'm so behind with my posts...but Ljubljana is coming up next!! Then Iceland...and now I'm off to London and Ireland tomorrow...SO MUCH TRAVELING I LOVE IT!!!

Hej Hej,

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