Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stress, Snow, and Julehygge

Oh boy has this week been crazy...

Three papers in three days....not to mention two all-nighters. Even studying abroad can't save me from the stress of finals week.

...finals week? Yeah. That's difficult to think about. I only have TWELVE DAYS before my semester is over and I return to the states. How can four months have gone by so quickly? It seems like just yesterday I was arriving at my host family's house on a warm, sunny August day. And now it's cold, dark, and SNOWY in December.

It's supposed to snow another 20cm tomorrow...and I didn't even think I'd see snow in Denmark! Usually it doesn't snow until January.

It might look beautiful, but riding my bike through the snow is not the funnest/easiest thing to do...

How perfect that it snowed on the first day of December too? It's like Christmas decided to show up with perfect timing. And unlike Texas, where even the littlest bit of snow melts in a couple hours, the snow is still on the ground!

Snow also makes Christmas time extra hyggeligt :)

Copenhagen dressed up for Christmas

Christmas Market off of the Stroget

Multiple Santas?

Window decorations :)

Christmas lights in Nyhavn

Full moon the night before the snow storm

Little hot dog stand all "juled" up

It's obvious that Danes love Christmas (maybe more than I do...but that's a tough call). The Danes have tons of holiday traditions! My host family has a huge party every year to make Christmas cookies, decorations, and Christmas candles!

The night before our Christmas festivities, "Santa" decided to bring me an Advent present and calendar!

How sweet! Hand-knit socks and a cookie tin :)

Cinnamon sugar cookies :)

So many cookies...this isn't even half of what we made

Making Danish Christmas ornaments!

And here is my jule-candle!

All of this "Julehygge" is a good distraction from the stress of finals, and now I only have one paper left before I'm officially done! The snow and Christmas lights are keeping my spirits high, but it's also a bittersweet reminder that the end of my adventures in Denmark are coming to an end.

I'm gonna miss looking at this out of my window

If anyone is interested in some of the traditional Danish Christmas recipes, here's a website that has everything you need to know about a Danish Christmas dinner:

Also, here are the recipes for Vanillekranse and Pebber Nodder, my two FAVORITE Danish Christmas cookies, if you want to make some in time for your holidays!

Paris in one week!!!

Hej Hej,



  1. I'm definitely going to make some of those cookies...

  2. I love pebbernødder (pepper nuts), but the recipe you posted for pebbernødder is not real pebber nødder.
    Pebbernødder has pepper in them as the name indicates, but there isn't any in the recipe you linked to.
    However there's no nuts in pebernødder, it only refers to their shape.
    Try Google "pebernødder recipe" to find other versions. There's several different versions of pebernødder which differs a lot in taste from each other.
    Here's a pebernødder recepie from Lagakagehuset:

    Vanillekranse (vanilla wreath) doesn't vary as much in taste between different recipes as pebernødder.

    Besides pebernødder and vanillekranse you should really also try brunkager (brown cookies) with almonds, ginger etc. Along with pebernøddder and vannilekranse, brunkager is probably the most common Danish Christmas cookie and my favorite one along with pebbernødder.

  3. Thanks Lene! I've also had brunkager and I love them!


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