Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Touristy Saturday and Family Sunday

This past weekend I invited a couple of my friends to go see some sights around the city! I've been in Copenhagen for about a month now, and even though I feel adjusted to local life, I still have some sightseeing to catch up on. It's time to go full-on tourist...at least for a day.

First stop: Amalienborg Palace

Obligatory picture with the Royal Guard...I wonder what he does on his days off?

Second stop (and the main attraction for the day): The Little Mermaid

 She's a lot smaller in real life, but still beautiful.

Look at me, I'm a mermaid! I really had to muster up all the strength I had to not burst out Disney songs...

Third stop: Rosenborg Slot and Gardens

 Unfortunately the castle museum was closed...

 But we still had fun with the interactive art around the park! And look at the leaves on the ground... I think it's officially AUTUMN!!!

I had to get a picture with my hand in the lion's mouth for good luck!

This one is my favorite though, it looks like he's smiling!

Fourth stop: Wandering around the city...

 Frederik's Church from the other side. It's very normal to turn a corner and see a beautiful piece of history, even next to modern construction.

 The Golden Pretzel!! This is the national symbol for the old Royal Bakeries. There aren't many of them anymore, but whenever you see this sign, you have to go in. So many delicious pastries and danishes!

 A random street in Copenhagen...I can't decide which house I'd want to live in! (Probably the orange one)

 Fountain and cathedral in Gammeltorv (The Old Square)

The Round Tower right next to the Studenterhuset (Student House). DIS and University of Copenhagen students spend a lot of time at the Studenterhuset working on homework, drinking beers or lattes, and listening to live music. I sometimes forget when I'm walking down the street how much history is all around me.

Fifth stop: FC Copenhagen Football Game!

About an hour and a half before the game, my friend Carrie and I were sitting at the Studenterhuset and thought...what the heck, let's go to the FCK game!! We got super cheap tickets, and the best part is that they were in the third row!!

So close to the action...

Got my Danish hot dog and Carlsberg. Ready for the game! We won 2-1!

On Sunday my host family had a birthday brunch for my host Dad's mom (technically my host grandma). She turned 80, and the cake had all the candles!!

We sang the Danish "Happy Birthday" song and everyone got together for a family picture.

I'm really starting to feel at home :)

Only six days until my 21st birthday!!!! I'm so excited!!

Hej hej,

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  1. It is fun following your travels! Happy 21st early... stay safe, see you soon!


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