Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chaos in The Mankowski Household

The final day before I leave has definitely been a hectic one. I didn't mention this before, but my mom is leaving for Los Angeles for four months as well to take a temporary nursing job! I have a lot of family out there so they will hopefully help with her withdrawal symptoms while I'm gone :) Anyways, she will be driving to L.A. right after she sends me we are both the same time. Talk about some serious chaos. There are bottles of lotion and socks flying everywhere and my dog is just chillin amidst it all. I wish I could channel his serenity.

Last dinner and goodbyes at my grandparents' house. Sooooo many tears! Don't worry though, I will see you all soon. And my Grandpa even mentioned that he might make a surprise trip out to Copenhagen so we can go salmon fishing together. Sounds like a good plan to me!
Mmmm mmm, I love spaghetti!

I'm going to miss these Texas sunsets...but I'm sure the ones in Denmark almost compare.

So here's what I'm bring (luggage wise) on the plane:
  • 1 gigantic pink's so obnoxious, but it fits everything!
  • 1 large-ish suitcase for the rest of my clothes and toiletries
  • 1 smaller duffel bag as my overhead carry-on for the plane. Basically it will have everything I can't fit in my bags in order to make sure they stay under the 50lbs weight limit
  • 1 backpack for under the seat. I'm going to be using this backpack for travel trips and it's awesome. All of my in-flight goodies will be stored here, including my journal, laptop, some fruit leather (don't hate), and goldfish (obviously)
I have a purse that I'll be shoving in the duffel once I get on the plane too! 

This website has an awesome packing list for going off to college, but it works pretty much perfectly for studying abroad as well! You can add or delete items off the list to personalize it too. This was SUCH a help because I always forget to pack at least one important item (like my phone charger), and this list already has most of everything you need written down, so you don't have to remember on your own. Just print it out and start checking things off as you pack!

Well, it's after midnight here in Dallas and I'm 13 hours away from my flight to Frankfurt, with final destination set for København, Danmark!! Time to get some much needed rest.

I'm about to embark on the most amazing journey of my life thus far, and I can finally and confidently say that I am ready. Bring it on Europe.


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  1. My girl is in flight! Almost there Em! Momma loves you more than infiniti!


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