Monday, August 27, 2012

Gone Fishin' in the Oresund

Today I went on my first Day Trip with DIS!! Everyone in Denmark eats tons of fish. It is everywhere. From breakfast sandwiches with shrimp and scrambled eggs, lunch Smørrebrød with pickled herring, to dinner salmon fillets with green beans, the Danes love their Omega-3's. Not only do I love to eat fish, but I love to catch them too. My Grandpa and I have been talking this past summer about how great the fishing is up here in Scandinavia, and that if I get the time, I need to go on a fishing trip. Well DIS ended up saving me some research and planned a fishing trip to Helsingør Harbor for a day.

Helsingør is a city further northwest of Copenhagen along the coast that is most famous for being home to Kronborg Castle (aka Hamlet's crib). I didn't get the time to actually visit the castle today, but I will definitely be going back!

Our boat for the day had all of the equipment we needed and everyone got their own bucket to throw their fish in. Being one of the most experienced fishermen on the boat out of the DIS students, I couldn't make a fool of myself and not catch anything. Luckily, there was no need to worry because EVERYONE caught tons of fish. Our fish buckets were full of herring and even a few cod (which are really squishy).

I even caught four herring at have to reel in quickly though or else the seagulls will attack. They are vicious.

Yes it was rainy, windy, and a bit chilly, but something about being out on a boat with my line in the water gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling...maybe I'm feeling the hygge!! Unfortunately my host family doesn't know how to clean herring so I decided to give my bucket to another DIS student in the Culinary House. I'm sure they had a feast tonight.

Sorry Grandpa, I went fishing without you, but you should still come visit me and we'll show these Nordics how it's really done!

Hej hej,

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  1. nothing beats Canada with the boys Em!


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