Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Nights Are Coming To An End...

It's Friday of my first Fridays off this entire summer, and I'm stuck at home recovering from oral surgery. Stupid wisdom teeth...I just hope my chipmunk cheeks disappear before next Saturday when I'm on my way to Denmark!

As I lie here watching reruns of House Hunters International, I can't help but reflect on this past summer. Even though most of my weekends were packed with work, I still managed to spend time with my friends and travel with family.

The first vacation of the summer was the annual fishing trip to Canada with my Grandpa and our family friends. Here's the whole gang. I'm gonna miss these guys, and I can't wait for next June! (Grandpa is second from the top left)

Doing as the Romans do at Shakespeare in the Park...
Rocking out at the Coldplay concert with Aunt Katie, Uncle Andrew, and Rachael!
 So freaking awesome...
Visiting family, especially my baby cousins, in Los Angeles! Pretty little Vivienne.
 Always funny Uncle Ben with Baby Goldie!

And of course I can't forget my island paradise vacation to the British Virgin Islands with my momma!

There are so many more memories this summer that I didn't capture on camera, and many memories that I only shared in spirit, but regardless of whether I was there or not, all of you lovely people have made this summer one I will never forget.

As I prepare myself to begin a whole new chapter of my life on my own, I know I will always have your love to keep me grounded. Even though I'm going to be half a world away, I will keep you all close in my heart. Heck, what are Facebook and Skype for anyways??

I might be nervous and a little bit frightened for the adventure ahead...but because of your support, I know I have the strength to make it through anything.

Love you guys!!

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