Thursday, August 16, 2012

PACKING and canker sores :(

Woke up in the middle of the night because the power was out, I guess those t-storms got a little carried away. I went to the kitchen to get some water, and there was a terrible pain when I swallowed. My mom is a nurse, so after further inspection by her, turns out I probably have a canker the back of throat. Really? These things are the worst. They are soooo painful and annoying and it takes forever for them to heal. Perfect timing three days before I leave, yay! Anyways... I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for meds  :)

Times like these make me realize that I'm going to really be on my own in Copenhagen. I go the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX which is where I'm from. When I graduated high school, my mom decided to move closer to my college so it would be easier to visit. After freshmen year I started living with her to save money, and it was only 5 minutes from campus so it was perfect! Technically then, my semester abroad will be my first experience really away from home. Just to be fair... when I lived on campus I did my own laundry and bought my own groceries, but being back at home makes it easy to be less independent. I'm so excited to be on my own because I feel like I'm strong enough to handle what comes my way, and I feel like this is an amazing opportunity for me to grow in my independence. That being said, I won't have my mom around remind me to take my vitamins so I don't get anymore canker sores...

On a lighter note (literally...) I started packing! Woo hoo, a pair of jeans!!
And I caved into Instagram... My first photo!! If I'm gonna have a blog, I gotta have it :)

I thought for a minute that this was going to be easy. I can consolidate and limit what I am bringing to Europe. Packing will be simple. I don't need that many sweaters or boots or dresses or scarves....or maybe I do. I can't possible wear the same sweater everyday, especially since people in Copenhagen are so stylish. I need to fit in with the locals!! The last thing I want to do is look like a silly American tourist.

So then this happened...

Here's the scene after I took away 5 pairs of shoes and a few sweaters. This is just my clothing. I still have all of my toiletries and a few books and electronics. I just hope it all fits!!

We'll find out tomorrow...



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